It’s always difficult organising all the aspects that come with hosting a gathering or an event. Firstly, you need to work out where you want to hold it, and then secondly what will be on offer. Planning the menu can be hard when you need to factor in seasonal foods, what’s popular, dietary requirements and what you are prepared to spend. Instead of stressing and sweating away in the kitchen reading recipes out of old cook books, why don’t you give catering a try?

Lincoln Catering offers a diverse menu that can satisfy all cultural taste buds. We specialise in a range international cuisine, including Indian, Sri Lankan, Western and European, and can cater for a small group or an entire office building!

Our executive head chef has been working at Lincoln of Toorak for over 20 years and has endless lists of accomplishments (including being a personal chef for the Prince of France). He has decades of experience and knowledge in preparing catering menus that can be tailored for any occasion. He’s even created the menu in serving sizes and group pricing to take out the difficulty of deciding how many portions you need to order.

Have a look at our chef’s menu or our print-ready online ordering form to ensure you don’t miss out on your next event!